1) Read, “Yoga for Regular Guys” by DDP and Dr. Craig Aaron (


2) Practice DDP YOGA 1 hr per day, 5 days/ week using the DDP YOGA Dvd’s & the Level 1 Certification Workout.


3) Learn the Diamond Dozen and get ready to teach it! Film yourself teaching it to others.


4) Start a DDP YOGA Workout Journal and write about what workouts you have done each day and how long. Write about what kind of healthy foods you are eating. Include stats on your heart rate for each workout. As you begin to practice teach, include information about how DDP YOGA has impacted your life and the lives of others…


5) Chart, Learn and Teach the Level 1 Certification workout to anyone you can and film yourself teaching class.


6) Develop TONE ‘N’ ATTITUDE! Use DDP as a model but don’t forget to bring yourself to the Party! Make It Your Own!


7) Practice, Practice, Practice! Repetition is the Mother of Learning!

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