DDP YOGA Level1 Instructor Agreement

This agreement is made and entered into between DDPYOGA, INC (“DDP YOGA”) and you (“Instructor”), and shall be deemed effective as of Instructor’s enrollment date, whereas, DDP YOGA is the owner of the following trademarks and variations of the following logos:


Now therefore, in consideration of the foregoing premises and the mutual promises hereinafter set forth, the parties agree as follows:


Terms & Conditions


1. Ownership of Intellectual Property; Acknowledgement: You acknowledge and agree that DDP YOGA is and at all times will be the sole owner of all trademarks, trade names, trade sayings, logos, and any proprietary information used in conjunction with it’s products, services, and images.

2. Certification to Teach DDP YOGA Level 1 Classes: Classes you instruct should be in accordance with the DDP YOGA Level 1 training documents and video listed at DDPYOGAcertification.com.
Anything beyond this must have written consent from DDP YOGA.

3. Your Obligations: At all times you must ensure that your methods of conducting DDP YOGA is at the highest professional level as to not dilute, damage, or diminish the reputation of DDP YOGA.

4. All Instructors must be CPR certified and keep certification current while teaching DDP YOGA. A copy of this certification must be sent to DDP YOGA annually.

5. All instructors, and instructors in training, must carry general liability insurance and keep insurance current while teaching DDP YOGA.

6. Authorized use of the DDP YOGA Level 1 Certificate: Instructors may list the qualification on stationary, websites, business cards, and other materials as follows: DDP YOGA Level 1 Instructor.

7. Use of Materials: You must not sell, distribute, copy, alter or otherwise reproduce any Instructor resources or any other recordings, literature, or material provided to you by DDP YOGA. You must
not use any Instructor resources or any other recordings, literature or materials provided by DDP YOGA for any purpose other than conducting DDP YOGA classes in accordance with agreement.

8. Trademark Notice and Usage: Company names may not include DDP YOGA in the title. You must name your business something else and say it offers DDP YOGA classes.

9. Logo Usage: Absolutely no DDP YOGA logos are to be used, without DDP YOGA’s express written consent, to manufacture and sell products such as clothing or other merchandise. Logo must not be used in conjunction with any other trade names, trademarks, or logos, without written consent from DDP YOGA.

10. Logos are not to be used in conjunction with any other trade names, trademarks, or logos without written consent from DDP YOGA.

11. Domain Name(s): Instructors are prohibited from registering domains that contain DDPYOGA and typos of DDPYOGA.

12. Compliance with Search Engine Rules: Instructors must follow the editorial guidelines of each search engine.

13. Email Marketing: When using email marketing, instructors must maintain compliance with the “can spam” act. Instructors who operate editorial publications must also comply with new rules from the FTC when they are endorsing or recommending DDP YOGA. Disclosure is required if the website is  a compensated affiliate.

14. Permitted Advertising for DDP YOGA Instructors: If you have successfully completed the DDP YOGA Level 1 Certification and remain in compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and any applicable laws, rules and regulations you may (a) name your class “DDP YOGA LEVEL 1”, (b) call yourself a DDP YOGA Level 1 Instructor and (c) use the words “DDP YOGA LEVEL 1” on class schedules.

15. Media and Keyword Restrictions. Instructors are prohibited from directly competing with DDP YOGA on specific media properties, keywords, and paid searches. The list of restricted terms should includes all forms and combinations of DDP YOGA, typos of and variations of DDP YOGA that include ‘.com’ or typos of that such as; DDP, DDP YOGA, DDPYOGA, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE, DALLAS PAGE, DDP. Keywords are subject to change.

16. Ad copy and Landing Page Copy. Instructors are prohibited from (a) promoting any offer that has not been explicitly authorized by DDP YOGA, (b) using certain words such as “sale”, “discount”, “xx
% off”, “official”, or “free” and (c) copying any DDP YOGA landing page.

17. Disparagement: Instructor shall not include any inappropriate content on it’s website, social media platforms or emails. DDP YOGA reserves the right to require that the Instructor remove any such
content from it’s website in DDP YOGA’s sole and absolute discretion.

18. Website and Social Media Ownership: Instructor shall clearly identify the owner of the website or social media site as themselves, not DDP YOGA.

19. Independent Contractor: DDP YOGA certified instructors are not employees of DDP YOGA and operate as independent contractors.

20. DDP YOGA certified training centers may be subject to a brand licensing fee.

21. Instructors are prohibited from issuing press releases without written consent from DDP YOGA.

22. Instructors may not hold DDP YOGA group classes or personal training sessions within 15 miles of the DDP YOGA Performance Center in Smyrna, GA.

23. Violation of rules & regulations: DDP YOGA shall have the right to immediately terminate this agreement upon written notice to the instructor in the event of a breach of any of the provisions hereof by Instructor or upon taking any illegal action or other conduct deemed by DDP YOGA to be detrimental to the DDP YOGA brand. DDP YOGA may provide Instructor with an opportunity to cure any breach of this agreement prior to termination.

24. Obligations Upon Termination: Upon termination of this agreement, Instructor shall immediately stop conducting DDP YOGA classes and cease using all Instructor resources.

25.We reserve the right to update or amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Such amendments will be posted at http://www.ddpyogacertification.com/ddp-yoga-level1-instructor-agreement/. You are expected to review the terms and conditions from time to time so that you are aware of any changes.



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It is the mission of DDP YOGA to empower others to think beyond traditional limits, to find inspiration from adversity, and to become the most trusted fitness company on the planet.

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