Getting Started

1) Complete Certification Form

2) Purchase Registration

Website membership is dependent on having a paid membership as being a member will allow you to access all training materials.

We have a no refund policy due to the easily downloadable and reproducible nature of the Online Certification Program study materials, journal template, DDP YOGA Program Manual and workout videos.

As a paid registrant of the DDP YOGA Online Certification Program, you are stating that you have thoroughly read and understand all requirements for certification, all the terms in the teacher’s agreement and have made an informed decision to purchase the DDP YOGA Online Certification Program with full knowledge that there are no money back guarantees nor refunds available for those who, at any time and for whatever reason, decide to discontinue their pursuit of certification.

1) Read, “Yoga for Regular Guys” by DDP and Dr. Craig Aaron

2)Practice DDP YOGA 1 hr per day, 5 days/ week using the DDP YOGA Dvd’s & the Level 1 Certification Workout.


3) Learn the Diamond Dozen and get ready to teach it! Film yourself teaching it to others.


4)Start a DDP YOGA Workout Journal and write about what workouts you have done each day and how long. Write about what kind of healthy foods you are eating. Include stats on your heart rate for each workout. As you begin to practice teach, include information about how DDP YOGA has impacted your life and the lives of others…


5) Chart, Learn and Teach the Level 1 Certification workout to anyone you can and film yourself teaching class.


6)Develop TONE ‘N’ ATTITUDE! Use DDP as a model but don’t forget to bring yourself to the Party! Make It Your Own!


7) Practice, Practice, Practice! Repetition is the Mother of Learning!


1) Submit your written Diamond Dozen Cues, Benefits and Body Parts Involved for each move. A template with space for your notes is available in the back of your Level 1 Training Manual. This will help you learn each Diamond Dozen move and you can use those notes when you create your Introductory Diamond Dozen Workout.

2) Perform and document a minimum of 100 hours personal practice with special attention paid to the Diamond Dozen & The Level 1 Workout. You can always use the other DDP YOGA Dvd workouts as well. Submit your DDP YOGA Workout & Teaching Journal. Special Thanks to Eric ‘Sparky’ Collier for creating a Fantastic Journal Template on Google Docs. This template will be available for download on the Level 1 Certification

3)You need to teach and document a minimum of 20 hours of Instruction of your DDP YOGA Introductory Workout based on the Diamond Dozen & the Level 1 Workout. It’s up to you as to how many hours you need to devote to teaching each workout. It is very likely that you will teach more than 20 hours. You can use the document created by Certification member Sparky:

4)After you have successfully completed, submitted and passed all of the requirements described above, an open book test will be sent to you via e-mail. The test is based on the book, Yoga for Regular Guys, The DDP YOGA Level 1 Training Manual and the DDP YOGA Program Guide. You will have 7 days to complete the test. You will need a minimum score of 80%.


1) 100 hours of DDP YOGA Practice that is logged into your DDP YOGA Workout Journal.

 a) DDP YOGA Live Events count toward your 100 hours of practice

 b) Logged workouts  up to 6 months prior to the date of your Level 1 DDP YOGA Training registration count towards your 100 hours or practice.


2) 30+ Hours of Self Study using the Following Reference Materials:

 Level 1 Training Manual

 DDP YOGA Program Guide

 “Yoga for Regular Guys”, by DDP and Dr. Craig Aaron


3) 20 Hours of Practice Teaching both the Diamond Dozen and the Level 1 Workout

 a)Documented in DDP YOGA Workout Journal and on Film.

 b)Send your footage to The Yoga-Doc via the DDPYogaCertification member’s section though youtube.


4) Submit written “Cues for Diamond Dozen” located in your Level 1 Training manual.


5) 2 hr Ultimate Workshop or 5 Day DDP YOGA Retreat is Optional for Level 1 Certification but Highly Recommended.

 a)Additional time spent with DDP YOGA expert staff may count towards your required teaching hours.



a)Your DDP YOGA Introductory Workout Practical Exam based on the Diamond Dozen(Video submission to:

b)DDP YOGA level 1 Certification Workout Practical Exam(Video submission to:

c) Written exam based on the Level 1 Training Manual, DDP YOGA Program Guide and book, “Yoga for Regular Guys”.