DDP YOGA Level 1 Certification FAQs

Q1. How long should I be doing DDP YOGA before registering for the certification?

A1. We normally require 6 months of previous DDP YOGA experience. However, if you hold other current fitness qualifications and certifications this can be waived.


Q2. I am unable to perform (insert position e.g. Push Ups) without modifying. Will this affect my chance of passing the certification?

A2. We understand not everyone will be able to perform each and every position perfectly. We are looking for instructors that clearly explain all the modifications while demonstrating to the best of their ability. This may mean you have to do certain positions in a modification yourself.


Q3. What does the Level 1 Certification involve?

A3. To complete the Level 1 Certification you must:

  • Complete 100 hours of DDP YOGA practice. This should mostly consist of practicing the Level 1 Workout.
  • Practice teaching the Level 1 Workout to 2 or more students for a minimum of 20 hours.
  • Video and submit your Level 1 Workout. If successful….
  • Create, video and submit a Diamond Dozen Based Introductory Workout. If successful….
  • Submit all your written materials (Written cues for the Diamond Dozen, Food Journal, Workout Journal).
  • Complete the final written test.


Q4. Can I backdate my 100 hours of practice?

A4. Yes. These can be backdated 6 months from the date you paid for the certification. However, I strongly recommend you spend the 100 hours learning the Level 1 Workout.


Q5. What is the Diamond Dozen Based Introductory Workout?

A5. This is the first and only time at Level 1 that you are cleared to sequence your own workout. You must include all 13 positions of the original Diamond Dozen, and the workout must flow like a regular DDPY Workout…..use the Level 1 Workout sequence as a guideline. This section also prepares you for Level 2, where we delve into the art of sequencing among other areas.


Q6. Do I need to record all of my 100 hours practice?

A6. No, you do not. It is advisable to record yourself working out once or twice per week to check your personal form and positioning, but this is just for your benefit.


Q7. Do I need to record and submit all of my 20 hours teaching practice?

A7. You do not. However, it is advisable to record your teaching for your personal benefit. You can review your classes and critique your own work.


Q8. I can’t attend any training sessions at the Performance Center, will that affect my ability to be certified?

A8. Not at all. The whole certification is done online. You complete this course from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet and a video recording device.


Q9. Is there any form of Continuing Education Unit attached to the DDP YOGA Certifications? If so, what is the cost?

A9. At the time of writing, 19th June 2018, we do not have an active CEU. However, we are in the process of developing this. More information will follow in the coming months.


Q10. I’m certified, now what?

A10. You are now an independent instructor. You represent DDP YOGA but do not work directly for the company. By now, you should have your own business name and be ready to offer DDPY classes to any venue. For help and advice here, please reach out to haydn@ddpyoga.com


Q11. What are the benefits of teaching DDP YOGA?

A11. If you are already a fitness instructor, DDP YOGA will open up your fitness classes to people of ALL ability levels. The modifications we offer make this workout accessible to all. Level 1 is just the foundation of an incredible fitness resource that could help you positively affect more lives than before.


Q12. Is there an online community for instructors in training?

A12. Yes! We have a phenomenal facebook forum for instructors in training. This is constantly in use by the DDPY Instructor Training Team, current instructors, and trainees. It’s a fantastic place to meet others and share ideas.