Entry into Level 1 Certification is by approval only.

To be enrolled in the DDPY FastTrack Coaching Certification you must complete the application form here and a successful interview.

Level One

This certification has a one year time limit for completion.

1) 100 hours of DDP YOGA Practice that is logged into your DDP YOGA Workout Journal.

  1. a) DDP YOGA Live Events count toward your 100 hours of practice
  2. b) Logged workouts up to 6 months prior to the date of your Level 1 DDP YOGA Training registration count towards your 100 hours of practice.
  3. c) Applicants must be 18 years of age or older


2) 30+ Hours of Self Study using the Following Reference Materials:

Level 1 Training Manual

DDP YOGA Program Guide

“Yoga for Regular Guys”, by DDP and Dr. Craig Aaron


3) A Minimum of 20 hours practice teaching Level 1 Workout to 2 or more students. a) Practice teaching needs to be documented on your workout journal.

  1. b) Chart, Learn and Teach the Level 1 Certification workout to anyone you can and film yourself teaching class.
  2. c) Develop TONE ‘N’ ATTITUDE! Use DDP as a model but don’t forget to bring yourself to the Party! Make It Your Own!



4) Submit written “Cues for Diamond Dozen”, the body parts effected and the possible health benefits of each position located in your Level 1 Training manual to Haydn Walden via his email address (haydn@ddpyoga.com).


5) Assessments:

You will be given an assessment date soon after registration. This will be approximately 1 year from the date you registered. If, at any point, you feel an early assessment would be applicable please discuss this with Haydn or Josh. Assessments are run quarterly, March, June, September, and December. We have no issue in accommodating you for a 6 or 9 month assessment if you are ready.

6) The Final Test will be sent to you once the practical assessment has been completed.

7) You will receive a digital certificate and you will be announced as a newly certified instructor on DDPY Social Media and in the DDPY Newsletter.


Level Two

This certification has a one year time limit for completion.

Eligibility for the DDPY Level 2 Certification:


100 hours of Level 1 Certified Instructor teaching
Subscription to the Diamond Circle Continuing Education Program (not currently available)
A current CPR/AED and First Aid certification


*  2 hr DDPY Workshop or 5 Day DDP YOGA Retreat is optional for Certification but Highly Recommended.


  1. a) Additional time spent with DDP YOGA expert staff may count towards your required teaching hours.

1) Submit the written cues for Level 2 positions and the relevant material from “The List” to Haydn Walden via his email address (haydn@ddpyoga.com).


2) Assessments:

You have 1 year from the date of registration to complete the Level 2 Certification. Level 2 teaches you 20 new positions to include in your workouts. This is to be assessed in sequences via video submission. Example – send a 10 minute video of you teaching the Crashing Airplane, Banana Splits, Can Opener, MSM sequence to Haydn for review. If successful, you will now be cleared to teach those positions in all future workouts. Once all 20 positions, shown in sequences, are completed you will need to submit a video of your standard opening 15 minutes of class. If successful, you will submit your written material and take the final test.


3) The Final Test will be sent to you once your practical assessment is successfully completed.