Make It Your Own!

Possibly the most commonly used DDP YOGA phrase “Make it your own!” We hear and see it everywhere, from Dallas saying it on the workouts and posting it on social media through to DDP YOGA Warriors using that phrase to encourage a down hearted comrade who is struggling. “Make it your own brother. That’s the key to this workout, do what you can and modify what you struggle with….” Or words of a similar effect.

However these four small words that are so inspiring have also been completely blown out of all proportion and used in some of the most contrary situations. I’ve seen it used in answer to a question about whether they really need to give up eating McDonalds everyday in order to see real improvements…this is not the correct idea of making it your own.

It’s also become a go to phrase for those going through the certification process. So let me clarify when and where this comment is relevant in the following examples:

Q-“Do I have to learn the whole Level 1 Workout?”

A-“Make it your own”………No! Not the right answer. The answer should be; yes of course you have to.

Q-“Do I have to teach the whole Level 1 Workout?”

A-‘Make it your o”……….No! Correct answer; Yes you do!

Q-“Can I do my Diamond Dozen Workout first?”

A-“Make it yo”……..No! Correct answer; Learn and complete teaching the Level 1 Workout first. Once this is completed you can work on your Diamond Dozen Workout.

Q-“Is it OK to make up my own moves or rename DDP YOGA moves when recording a Level 1 Workout video for possible submission?”

A-“No, this is not what we mean by making it your own.”

Q-“Can my workout journal consist of any of the DDP YOGA workouts?”

A-“Yes. Make it your own!” This is a correct answer.

Q-“I can’t do forearm balance yet but I’m still going to call it, is this ok?”

A-“Making it your own!” Correct, modifying accordingly, but pushing your class and giving them all the options.

See, when it comes to questions about particular moves and positions “make it your own” is perfect. It relates to modifying (or taking it to the Extreme). But regarding the certification process, it’s not relevant. There is a specific process to follow, the Level 1 Workout is a specific workout structure for you to learn, not for your improvisation. So next time you feel the need to answer “Make It Your Own” to any DDP YOGA questions (particularly certification based), ask yourself if it is a relevant answer. This one phrase can be the most uplifting and powerful four words one person could hear, don’t over use it in the wrong context! Keep the spirit alive.

Keep kicking it out there!

See you next time!

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