What Are You Certified to Teach?

It seems like good time to approach the elephant in the room…..the grey area, so to speak, well here goes nothing!


What are you, Level 1 Instructors, certified to teach? The easiest answers are the Level 1 Workout and the Diamond Dozen Introductory Workout. But lets get a little more in-depth here, starting with a complete list of the official moves and positions you are certified to teach.


Level 1 Key Positions/Phases Options For each Phase
Diamond Cutter
Bent Leg Bar back
Straight Leg Bar back Reach Arms forward and grab the ball
Catcher into Thunderbolt 3, 5 & 10 counts
Push Ups 3, 5 & 10 counts
Half Rep – Only going down
3 legged dog
Lunge Supported Lunge
DR Punches (3 count)
Fast Twitch Punches
DR Rows with Chest Press
DR Curls with Tricep Push Downs
DR Rows and Curls together
Twisting Lunge
Deep Twisting Lunge aka Lizard position or Bunsen Burner
Exploding Touchdown
Touchdown Sidebends
Speed Skater
Alligator Dolphin
Forearm Balance
Alligator Crunches
Table Cat Lift
Cat Arch
Broken Table
Broken Table Crunches
Bow and Arrow
Road Warrior 1 DR Punches
Fast Twitch Punches
Road Warrior 2 DR Cables
Reverse Road Warrior
Extended Side Angle
Twisting Triangle
Saftey Zone
Seated Bat Leg extensions
Jack Knife and Arm Pulses (Centre, Left and Right)
Dead Bug
Flying V
Pinfall into Bridge
Easy Twist
Figure 4



So there you have a full recap of everything you are officially certified to teach, but what about sequencing the workouts? Well that is pretty straight forward as well:

You have the Level 1 sequence and that is your basis for all of your workouts.


Using the Level1 sequence with list above gives you an incredible amount of material you can teach, just to give you an example……..


  • Breathing
  • Safety Zone
  • Ignition sequence
  • Bar Back Sequence
  • Catcher Sequence – 3 times through
  • Salutation – only once through
  • Lunge Phase – Only opting for one lunge today, DR Punches, Butterflies and Twisting Lunge
  • Exploding Touchdown
  • Side Bends
  • Repeat Lunge Phase on the other side
  • Full 5 count push up
  • Safety Zone
  • Table, Cat Stretches
  • Broken Table – 10 crunches on each side
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Down Dog
  • Road Warriors – while in RW1 add 10 Fast Twitch Punches
  • Reverse Road Warrior, Extended Side Angle Phase
  • Triangle Phase
  • Down Dog, MSM Phase
  • Repeat Road Warrior sequence on the other side
  • Down Dog, MSM to Catcher – 3 times 5 count Catcher to Thunderbolt
  • Last Big Push Up, 10 count.
  • Cool Down Phase


I really hope this helps you guys out. I know some of you have asked about

sequences from other workouts, and other moves to teach…..well I can tell you in Level 2 there will be a whole new set of moves plus a new sequencing idea or two.


You’ve got to think that if someone ever (I hope they never do), but, if someone EVER decided to take legal action against you for injury or harm caused in your class, you need to be able to prove you were certified to teach that set of moves on that day. If they claim they injured themselves in your class doing Can Opener, it’s not up there so you did it off your own back. Protect yourselves as well as your clients out there.


If you’ve got any questions about this, email them over to me.


See you next time!


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