Who, When and Why?

As I sit here pondering today’s blog, I was suddenly drawn to a post I’d seen over the weekend on the DDP YOGA Facebook group. People were commenting back and forth on the Certification Promotional post, it was a lively and friendly vibe. But there was a common question or thought that kept reappearing; “How long do I need to be doing DDP YOGA before getting Certified?”Or, “I don’t know if I’m ready to start the Certification yet.”

Let me ask you this…..

Have you done DDP YOGA regularly (4-6 times per week) for 6 months or more?

Have you implemented one of the three phases from the nutrition guide?

Do you know the Diamond Dozen?

Have you worked through Energy, Fat Burner and Below the Belt/Diamond Cutter (classics or 2.0s)?

If you answered yes to those 4 questions then you are as ready as everybody else. The DDP YOGA Level 1 Certification process is designed to take you to that next level over a steady training period. Maybe you’ve still not reached your target weight…..maybe your flexibility is still improving. These are all elements that will improve as you work through the Certification. And, not only that, these are YOUR personal stories that will help YOU inspire others when they come to your classes.

You’ve heard me talk about the 100 hours practice and 20 hours of teaching practice? Well, these are both the minimum requirements put in place to help you grow as a DDP YOGA Instructor in Training and as a DDP YOGA practitioner.

While on this subject of when to start on the Certification path, let’s look at another area of inquiry…..”Who is this for?“Or “Who can do the Level 1 Certification?”…… “I want to do it but I don’t know what to do after?”

The same answers above definitely relate to the ‘who’ part. It’s literally open to any of you. DDP YOGA is a unique fitness system, not just because of the amazing results, but also because it features regular people taking control of their lives. That same theory applies to the Certification – regular people that have changed their lives with DDP YOGA, going on to teach this amazing workout. Take it from me, I never thought as a dypraxic kid growing up that I would be teaching any kind a fitness program let alone the greatest one on the planet. Getting Certified in DDP YOGA can be a complete game changer!

Saying that, there are some of you out there that may like to view the Certification process more like a martial art grading system, a verification of how AWESOME you are doing in life! If that’s how you view it and want to do it that way, that’s absolutely fantastic! Just be aware that you may get bitten by the teaching bug though, it’s such a buzz.

You’ve got to think like this; DDP YOGA has changed your life for the better, you could be the inspiration for someone to change theirs! Thanks for reading. See you next time!

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