Make It Your Own!

Possibly the most commonly used DDP YOGA phrase “Make it your own!” We hear and see it everywhere, from Dallas saying it on the workouts and posting it on social media through to DDP YOGA Warriors using that phrase to encourage a down hearted comrade who is struggling. “Make it your own brother. That’s the key to this […]

What Are You Certified to Teach?

It seems like good time to approach the elephant in the room…..the grey area, so to speak, well here goes nothing!   What are you, Level 1 Instructors, certified to teach? The easiest answers are the Level 1 Workout and the Diamond Dozen Introductory Workout. But lets get a little more in-depth here, starting with […]

Turning your certification into full classes.

This has come up in several questions and online threads recently. What happens when you are certified? The simple answer is you go and teach DDP YOGA to the masses. I could leave it there, but I won’t. Instead I will continue this blog with personal stories of building my own DDP YOGA teaching business. December 16th 2013, […]

Breathing your way to Success.

Breathing? What? We do it everyday, without thinking about it don’t we? It’s a natural process that our bodies do subconsciously. This maybe true for everyday life.  However, DDP YOGA has changed that subconscious activity for me. I no longer just let the breath in and out, I think about it. In stressful situations, I think about […]

The DD Workout?

By now you’ve probably got the idea that these blogs are mainly designed to answer questions about the certification process. I spend hours each day scrolling through social media, looking for questions about the DDP YOGA Certification and helping to answer them as efficiently as I can. Over the last few weeks, the topic of todays blog has been […]

The Art of Modifying.

At one point or another in your DDP YOGA practise you will hear the word modify. You will hear it as a home practitioner working out to the DDP YOGA NOW app, you will hear it from DDP at workshops or retreats. You will hear it as an Instructor in Training all the time, “modify this…” or “this […]

Who, When and Why?

As I sit here pondering today’s blog, I was suddenly drawn to a post I’d seen over the weekend on the DDP YOGA Facebook group. People were commenting back and forth on the Certification Promotional post, it was a lively and friendly vibe. But there was a common question or thought that kept reappearing; “How long do I […]

From Mat To Class

I can remember the day so clearly. I’d booked a local village hall and put a Facebook post a week earlier advertising to my friends that went something like “Next Tuesday, 7:30pm at Jubilee Hall, I’m going to be running my first ever DDP YOGA class. This class is free of charge and is purely for my teaching […]

The journey to 100 hours starts with a single workout.

The day has come, you’ve been doing DDP YOGA at home on the app for the last 6 months non stop. You’ve fallen big style for this workout almost to the point of obsession. There’s only one logical next step… need to train to be a certified DDP YOGA instructor! That way you can spread the word and […]