The DD Workout?

By now you’ve probably got the idea that these blogs are mainly designed to answer questions about the certification process. I spend hours each day scrolling through social media, looking for questions about the DDP YOGA Certification and helping to answer them as efficiently as I can. Over the last few weeks, the topic of todays blog has been approached and answered, but it still keeps coming up. So here goes……

The Diamond Dozen Introductory Workout!

Q1) What is it?

A1) The Diamond Dozen Introductory Workout is the second practical submission for the Level 1 Certification. It is a workout designed by you that covers the original Diamond Dozen.

Q2) Should it flow like a workout?

A2) Yes, this should follow the basic structure of any DDP YOGA workout.

Q3) Is it a requirement of the Level 1 Certification?

A3) Yes. It has been a requirement since day 1.

Q4) What purpose does it serve?

A4) Firstly this is the time that Yoga Doc and I get to see that you can create a basic workout, based around the Diamond Dozen. This is also the workout you will most likely go to with all of your beginner students once you complete the certification and start teaching regular classes.

Hints and Tips for creating the Diamond Dozen Introductory Workout:

You need to cover all of the original Diamond Dozen.

The Level 1 holds the key on how to structure this workout.

Modifications are REALLY IMPORTANT!

Keep push ups friendly………no 20 count pyscho push ups in this class.

Aim for a workout of 30-45 minutes.

Now I’ll tell you about my own Diamond Dozen submission (I’ve just watched it back while writing this). This section of the process took a little bit of time for me to get my head around. I spent a few days designing a flow that followed a DDP YOGA workout structure but incorporated the whole Diamond Dozen. I added a 20 minute walk through of the individual Diamond Dozen moves and positions, then lead the class (of 2) through my Diamond Dozen workout. In the last 3 years this has become my go to workout structure if I’m starting at a new venue or doing a one off event for a company training day.

The beautiful part about this section of the certification is that it gives you a full clear idea of how to construct workouts based around the moves we have been given. Once you’ve completed the Level 1 workout and your submission is accepted, you have chance to use your imagination…..within reason, a little bit like colour by numbers or joining the dots. Still use the correct terminology with the DDP YOGA T&A, but it’s your chance to show us what you can do with those introductory moves.

Constructing your own Introductory Workout based on the original Diamond Dozen will get you ready for the Level 2 requirement of arranging and constructing a workout. Combining the knowledge and understanding from the Level 1 training while smoothly incorporating moves from the new Diamond Dozen 2.0!

See you next time!

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