The journey to 100 hours starts with a single workout.

The day has come, you’ve been doing DDP YOGA at home on the app for the last 6 months non stop. You’ve fallen big style for this workout almost to the point of obsession. There’s only one logical next step… need to train to be a certified DDP YOGA instructor! That way you can spread the word and annoy your Facebook family and friends with more awesome posts about your progress. You get online and head over to and start reading through the requirements. Everything looks great until you see the minimum 100 hours personal practise requirement. Several questions enter your head all at once, how? What? When? Which one? Etc……


Some of the most frequently asked questions about the 100 hours practise are:

Can I backdate my workouts and how far back can I go?

Does practising the Level 1 workout with or without the video count towards my 100 hours?

Does teaching the Level 1 count towards my 100 hours?

Do I just have to do the Level 1 workout?


Let’s break this down. Firstly, yes you can backdate your workout journal. You can backdate by 6 months from your date of registration for the Level 1 Certification Program (I can hear the cheers and applause from those that have completed their hours before they even start)…..But… is recommended to spend a good portion of the 100 hours studying the Level 1 workout. Why you ask? Well, you need to know this workout inside out. Try to get the breath cycles down as well as all the moves, phases and modifications. It’s advisable to get to the point where you can call the workout as you are doing it (hell, I even got to the point of doing the workout with no sound on the TV to check my timings).

Although practising the Level 1 workout with or without the video counts toward the 100 hours, teaching practise does not. Teaching practise has its own requirement and I will cover that in a future blog. The 100 hours does not have to solely include the Level 1 workout. The certification requirements state 1 hour of DDP YOGA practise 5 times per week. But you can make this your own. There is nothing wrong with blasting through Fat Burner Classic in the morning and then hitting Diamond Cutter 2.0 in the evening. However, don’t forget you need to know the Level 1 workout like the back of your hand. So remember, although that 100 hours may seem like Mount Everest at the start, it’s a worthwhile journey and it won’t take long to climb that mountain. Have fun getting to know the Level 1 workout. See you next time!

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